Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 reported killed in Syrian raids

Syrian TV star joins anti-regime protesters

Mohammed al-Rashi attends funeral of Damascus demonstrators as celebrities pick sides in fight to topple President Bashar al-Assad
    Pro-Assad rally in Damascus
    Syrians at a rally backing President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Celebrities have split for and against the regime. Photograph: Youssef Badawi/EPA
    The Syrian TV star Mohammed al-Rashi has joined Syria's anti-regime demonstrators just days after a group of intellectuals and artists protested in Damascus. In a video posted online the actor is seen attending a number of funerals in the Damascus neighbourhood of Qaboun, where at least 15 people were shot dead on Friday, the highest number of deaths reported in a single day in the capital since the revolt began four months ago. Rashi joins a list of stars including the actor Fares al-Heloo who have spoken out against the regime. On Wednesday 30 of about 200 actors, writers and intellectuals who protested in the Midan neighbourhood of the capital were arrested, including the leading actor May Skaf, film directors Nabil Maleh and Mohammed Malas and writer Rima Fleihan. All have since been released. But as those fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad and those supporting him seek the backing of the rich and famous, many of Syria's celebrities have shown loyalty to the regime. The singer George Wassouf performed before thousands of people at a pro-regime concert in the central Omawiyeen Square on Sunday evening.More...

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