Friday, July 1, 2011

Beck exits Fox News after 30 months

Glenn Beck's last show on Fox News

Glenn Beck appears on 'Fox and Friends' in 2010. | AP Photo
'This program broke every single record in the 5 p.m. time slot,' said Glenn Beck.
Glenn Beck’s last show Thursday had it all – chalkboards, Nazis, and a clear message to the media that he’s leaving Fox News after two and a half years on his own terms.
Beck pushed back hard against the argument that his declining ratings over the last year had anything to do with his departure from his early evening show.
“This program broke every single record in the 5 p.m. time slot,” he said. “It is the highest rated show in the history of cable news at this hour. We are always, always in the top five.”
And he offered a hint as to why he wanted to leave the network he joined in January, 2009 from CNN Headline News and before that a career in radio.
“This is a news channel,” he said. “I do commentary. But I do more than that. I have a desire to do more than just commentary, and we have.”
He praised Fox for its platform and chairman Roger Ailes for his smarts, answering critics who say he was fired by pointing to the fact that the show was live.
And he spoke, in typically cryptic language, about what lay ahead.
“This show has become a moment,” he said. “It’s not a TV show, and that’s why it doesn’t belong on television anymore. It belongs in your homes. It belongs in your neighborhoods.”
Beck now sits atop vast multimedia empire called Mercury Radio Arts, made up of book publishing, radio, digital and events components. He used his final moments on the large Fox platform to send viewers to his website,, where they could then log in to his new, internet channel GBTV.Read more

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