Friday, July 1, 2011

Chávez says he is treated for cancer

Chavez Reveals He Is Fighting Cancer After Surgery

PHOTO: In this frame grab taken from Venezolana de Television, VTV, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez delivers a televised speech aired from Cuba, Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez revealed that he is fighting cancer after having a tumor removed in Cuba, raising uncertainty about Venezuela's political future even as he assured his country he expects to fully recover.
Chavez was noticeably thinner and paler as he appeared on television Thursday night, reading from a prepared speech with a serious and at times sad expression. He said he is resolved to "be victorious in this new battle that life has placed before us."
Chavez's admission shook the political landscape of a country he has dominated for his more than 12 years in power, and who had vowed to win re-election next year and govern for another decade or more.
There is no obvious successor to the charismatic Chavez within his Bolivarian movement, and his illness may also affect his leadership within the ALBA alliance of leftist Latin American nations.
Chavez said he had two operations in Cuba, including one that removed a tumor in which there were "cancerous cells." The 56-year-old president said the surgery was performed after an initial operation nearly three weeks ago to remove a pelvic abscess.
A military chief, Gen. Henry Rangel Silva, assured the country on Friday that Venezuela's stability "is guaranteed."
"President Chavez will continue because he hasn't truly stopped exercising his functions as president," Rangel Silva said on state television. He said Chavez was recovering smoothly and had been on top of his duties while in Cuba.
"He will be in our country soon," Rangel said, without saying exactly when Chavez was expected to return.
Chavez said the tumor was in the pelvic region but didn't say exactly where or what type of cancer was involved. He said he is continuing to receive treatment in Cuba but did not elaborate.
He said it was a mistake not have taken better care of his health through medical

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