Friday, July 8, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Turn Anger Toward Military

Friday prayers in Egypt erupt into angry protest at military rulers

Crowds in four cities try to 'reclaim' the revolution as they demand that the general running the country stand down.
    Friday prayers in Cairo's Tahrir square
    Friday prayers in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Thousands took to the streets across Egypt to 'reclaim' the revolution. Photograph: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images
    Egypt's military junta is facing its biggest crisis of legitimacy, as tens of thousands of protesters took control of central Cairo and demonstrations against army rule erupted across the country. In scenes reminiscent of the 18-day uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, civilian-run popular committees commanded all entrances and exits to Tahrir Square, while government security forces were nowhere to be seen. In a massive show of public anger at the slow pace of reform under military rulers, demonstrators chanted repeatedly for the ousting of the country's de facto ruler, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. They called on Egyptians to "reclaim" their revolution. Activists declared the start of an open-ended sit-in, vowing not to leave until post-Mubarak transition was put back in the hands of ordinary people. "This is not just another Friday protest – it's a message to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces [Scaf] that their methods don't work and that we are immune to their tricks and lies," said Wael Eskandar, a 27 year old IT consultant who joined the protests in Cairo. "No matter how much they try spreading disinformation and claim the army is trying to implement the demands of the revolution, Egyptians know the real deal – and that is why you see so many here today." In Egypt's second city, Alexandria, tens of thousands gathered and held up mock nooses alongside dummies of Mubarak and several of his former ministers, as well as dummies of other regime-era officials who have yet to be removed from their jobs. Large demonstrations took place in the industrial city of Suez, the scene of violent clashes earlier this week between protesters and riot police, while in Luxor thousands more gathered under the city's most famous Pharaonic temple to express their dissatisfaction with the interim authorities.Read more...

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