Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kris Humphries Is Missing From People Magazine's Kim Kardashian Wedding Cover

As promised, People magazine unveiled its Kim Kardashian’s wedding issue this morning, but something is missing: the picture of her husband Kardashian, Kris Humphries, on the cover.
Very strange, is not it? In addition, a kind of rough? In the end, Humphreys has been an integral part of this much-hyped event as extremely high bridegroom to the bride blushing Kardashian in. It is deeply uncharacteristic Kardashian Inc, fueled by sugar-coated Svengali Chris Jenner to leave Humphries out of the picture, because of its promotional duties as a new member of the lucrative marriage machine that works Jenner for its successful brood of stars reality. See: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom in 2009 married a cover for OK! magazine. Of course, it has all three sisters in the photo above Kardashian expressive title, “My Dream Wedding”. But there is also Odom, standing behind his wife, as it should be. Because he is her husband. (If you care, here are photos route Khloe and Lamar Al twin to date with Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz, two days after the Royal Wedding 2.0.)
People report laid out a $ 1.5 million for exclusive rights to photos Kardashian Humphreys wedding. Is getting the magazine worth its money by trimming of photogenic New Jersey Nets forward? (We should find out as soon as the sales numbers trickle in.)
Assistant editor, Jen Garcia, took the opportunity to defend the decision on Wednesday morning, said “Access Hollywood Live” (via Hollywood Reporter): “We went through thousands of photos.” Guest co-host on that Arsenio Hall said: “… Looking at those who did not have Chris?”
“That’s not true!” Garcia said, adding: “. It’s all about the bride we want it to her this day, we wanted it to cover It has a small height it is something difficult to get them into the (same) shot ….”
That would probably require some creative maneuvering, but it is not impossible.

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