Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kobe Bryant wore a black mask, looked like a crime fighter

Last Wednesday, Kobe Bryant dealt with the broken nose he suffered in the All-Star Game by wearing a transparent protective mask. Lots of players have donned similar pieces in the past, but none have been quite so funny as this one, mostly because Kobe takes himself incredibly seriously on the court. Luckily for him, he's played pretty well while wearing the mask, scoring at least 30 points in all three games.

However, Bryant found the mask uncomfortable, claiming it fogged up and got way too hot. To fix these issues, he's changed his mask, opting for a black one. Except that made him look even more ridiculous, as if he decided to dress up as a caped crusader for a comic-book convention. Check out the screengrab above (via @GotEm_Coach), and wonder exactly what the rest of his Black Mamba costume would look like.

Sadly, the experiment was short-lived. At end of the first half, Kobe had switched back to the clear mask, likely in the hope of correcting his 2-of-10 shooting from the field before halftime.More...

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