Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scott Hunt wants to help you prepare for doomsday

The National Geographic Channel has launched a new program, "Doomsday Preppers" that places four to six families per episode in a theoretical, apocalyptic setting and chronicles how they respond under doomsday pressure.

As part of the show, Nat Geo enlisted Scott Hunt and his partner David Kobler, who run the Practical Preppers, a disaster preparedness business. Hunt evaluated how well the show's contestants have prepared for their doomsday scenario and gives them advice on how to be better prepared to subsist on their own.

"Most people rely on [calling] 911," Hunt said in an interview with Yahoo! News. "Most people don't have a plan. If there's social chaos, you won't be able to count on someone providing goods and services."

From zombie outbreaks to Mayan prophecies, Americans have a seemingly limitless interest in how and when civilization might end. What they appear to spend far less time on, is thinking and preparing for such an event.

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