Thursday, August 18, 2011

Police: Norway killer called police twice, hung up

The man behind the Norway attacks that killed 77 people last month hung up twice on authorities after calling to surrender during the shooting at a youth camp on Utoya island, police said Thursday.
The first phone call came 26 minutes before officers arrested Anders Behring Breivik, who identified himself as the commander in an anti-communist resistance movement, police said.
"I am at Utoya at the moment. I want to surrender," Breivik said, according to a transcript distributed at a news conference.
Local police chief Sissel Hammer said "the operator took the conversation seriously and called back. No one answered."
Breivik called again one minute before being captured and asked to be transferred to the commander of the anti-terror police unit.
"I am a commander in the Norwegian resistance movement," the shooter said. "I have fulfilled my operation, so I want to ... surrender."
Once again, Breivik hung up, but he surrendered to police one minute later.More...

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