Friday, August 19, 2011

Which NYC prison is nicest? Check Yelp

New Yorkers have long prided themselves on their discerning taste. And now a few of them are taking to the internet to share their opinions on the city's prison system.
The online reviews site Yelp--more commonly a place to find out what users think of local bars and restaurants--has become an outlet for critical evaluations of certain city prisons, police precincts, and central booking sites.
Diane B. gave Rikers Island prison a five-star rating, calling it a "luxurious island retreat."
"It took me just a few weeks to realize I would never drink and drive again," she wrote.
It's hard to tell which reviews are fake, but the New York Post tracked down one reviewer who confirmed she really did spend a night in jail after a bar brawl arrest before writing her review. "It was spontaneous, and it gave me a laugh at the time," Davisha Badone told the Post.

"Junkies in withdrawal do not make great conversation," Badone wrote of Manhattan's Central Booking (also referred to as the "Tombs.")
Another Tombs reviewer cautioned future arrestees to "be sure and write as many phone numbers as you can beforehand on your arms and legs," since the cops will take your cell phone away. Another reviewer gave the place two stars "because I've been to clubs worse than this with a longer line."
New York isn't the only city with jail reviews: Sixteen reviewers gave L.A. County Jail less than a two-star rating, claiming the food is terrible.More...

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