Friday, October 14, 2011

Pressure prompted Boehner’s phone confrontation with Obama, White House claims

President Obama made a call to House Speaker John Boehner Thursday to offer congratulations for congressional passage of three trade agreements. But after the niceities had concluded, Boehner let the president have it.
"I want to make sure you have all the facts," Boehner told Obama and then proceeded to challenge several claims the president recently aired.
Boehner's office said the Speaker "reminded the president" of the Republican "Plan for America's Job Creators" issued in May, and that Boehner cited the "numerous" time that he and other Republican leaders have spoken with Obama about that plan. Boehner's press officials said that their boss also noted that, contrary to the president's version of events, Republicans have considered portions of the president's "American Jobs Act" and pointed out that provisions are already moving through Congress. Boehner's staff highlighted these and other details from the ten-minute call via an official readout.
Asked Friday if the president was disappointed with Boehner's characterization of their phone call, the White House suggested Boehner had a lot to be angry about.
"What I think it points out [is] that Republicans are coming under pressure from their constituents to do something on jobs and the economy because again one of the reasons they're coming under pressure, we're not just saying this is essential, their constituents are saying it," spokesman Jay Carney told reporters during a gaggle in Michigan, according to the White House pool report.
"The Republicans' so-called plan for jobs creators, while it might have some good ideas in it, free trade agreements, passage of NAFTA reform and some other issues, those same outside analysts are saying will have no significant impact on the economy or jobs in the near term."More...

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