Thursday, November 17, 2011

APNewsBreak: Russia, West agree on Iran text

The U.N. nuclear agency's most recent resolution on Iran criticizes Tehran's nuclear defiance, but with language moderate enough to secure Russia's and China's support.
Diplomats characterize the document, obtained by The Associated Press, as a compromise. It will be put before the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation board over the next two days.
The U.S. and its allies had sought to deliver tougher demands for Iran to start cooperating with an International Atomic Energy Agency probe of allegations that Tehran is secretly working on nuclear arms. But Russia and China were opposed to any overtly harsh document.
The resolution expresses "serious concern" over Iran's defiance of the U.N. Security Council and the IAEA's board. Those two bodies want Tehran to stop activities that could be used to make nuclear arms and allow a probe of its alleged secret weapons work.

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