Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kidnapping, sexual slavery, freedom through the eyes of Jaycee Dugard

PLACERVILLE -- As Jaycee Dugard walked to a bus stop on the day her nightmare began, a car pulled up and suddenly the driver zapped her with a stun gun.

"All of a sudden, his hand shoots out of the car windows, and I feel this shock," she said in grand jury transcripts released Thursday. "I stumble back into the ... into the bushes." She remembers being covered in a blanket and a woman holding her down. As they drove away, Dugard heard a man, whom she came to know as Phillip Garrido, tell his wife, Nancy: "I can't believe we got away with it" and break into laughter.

So began 18 years of captivity for Dugard, then an 11-year-old child forced to sleep on a pallet on the floor while the Garridos smoked
Text of statements
The victim impact statement of Jaycee Dugard, as read in court by her mother, June 2, 2011.
The statement of Terry Probyn, Dugard's mother.
methamphetamines and he sexually attacked her again and again. At first, he called her "Snoopy" and told her she was helping him with a sex problem.

Dugard's terrifying ordeal is laid bare in the only formal testimony she ever gave. The Sept. 21, 2010, transcripts outline in chilling detail what she suffered at the hands of Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Douglas Phimister ordered the grand jury transcripts released over the objections of both Garrido attorneys, District Attorney Vern Pierson and Dugard's family, but he ordered that sexually explicit details be redacted before it was distributed to the media. She gave her testimony in one day before the El Dorado jury, more than a year after her


Her testimony starts on June 10, 1991, as she was walking to a bus stop a few blocks from her home, on Washoan Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. After the Garridos kidnapped her, she was driven 180 miles. She remembers it "seeming like forever" -- before she arrived to a Walnut Avenue home outside Antioch. Unaware of where she was or why she was there, she pleaded with her captors.

"If you're holding me for ransom, my family doesn't have a lot of money," Dugard, now 31, recalls saying.

She was brought into a room somewhere on the property that would become the proper house and a warren of tents and outbuildings set up in a secret backyard beyond the known fence line.

Her sexual bondage happened soon after in what Phillip called "runs," or lengthy sexual sessions with the preteen girl. She said they would happen at least once a week for three years, until she became pregnant with her first child.

A couple months after the attacks started, Dugard said, she met Nancy Garrido for the first time. Nancy would bring her food and try to give her,to continue:

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